2021 Feeder Calf Sale Order

Intense vaccination and genetic program that produces High Quality, Uniform, and Healthy truck loads of home bred and raised calves!!

All producers and calves sold in this sale are: 

  • Double vaccinated and wormed

  • Castrated no later than April 15

  • Bred using bulls with Average to better than average EPDs for their breed

  • Included in the Heifer and Stag Guarantee

  • Born between Sept. 1st and Dec. 31st

Feedback from Processors: "cattle we slaughtered this week all graded choice or prime, no fallouts, avg. carcass hot weight of 881#, and avg. yield grade of 3.4; awesome cattle!"

Tel-O Auction Information: 

To buy cattle--- Obtain a bidder number from the Virginia Cattlemen's Association call1-(540)-992-1009

Tel-O Auction Number 1-(540)-309-2350

Code#: 4505513

2021 Feeder Calf Sale Videos

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