2020 Feeder Calf Sale Order

Corrected 7/31/20

Intense vaccination and genetic program that produces High Quality, Uniform, and Healthy truck loads of home bred and raised calves!!

All producers and calves sold in this sale are: 

  • Double vaccinated and wormed

  • Castrated no later than April 15

  • Bred using bulls with Average to better than average EPDs for their breed

  • Included in the Heifer and Stag Guarantee

  • Born between Sept. 1st and Dec. 31st

Feedback from Processors: "cattle we slaughtered this week all graded choice or prime, no fallouts, avg. carcass hot weight of 881#, and avg. yield grade of 3.4; awesome cattle!"

Tel-O Auction Information: 

To buy cattle--- Obtain a bidder number from the Virginia Cattlemen's Association call1-(540)-992-1009

Tel-O Auction Number 1-(540)-309-2350

Code#: 4505513

2020 Feeder Calf Sale Videos

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