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Yearly Membership dues are payable in January and are only $35/person/year!

Members recieve the benefits of:

Quarterly Dinner meetings and Fellowship

  • Participation in a well marketed/well received feeder calf sale

  • Participation in a successful Artificial Insemination program

  • Participation in a Virginia Premium Bred Heifer Sale

  • Vaccination discounts (IBR, PI3, BRSV, BVD, 7-Way Clostridial +Somnus, Pasteurella)

  • Mineral distributions

  • Organized Veterinary Exams

  • Discounted Rental of the B.A.R.N.

  • Instructions and guideance for participation in programs such as VQABQAVAPAH

Click Here for a full list of benefits!

The board is made up of 6 members elected for three year terms.  The terms are staggered so that 2 are elected each year.   

Current board members are: Bob Martin, Wilbur Wilmoth, Brett Stratton, Marshall Smith, Terry Seal, and Lin Jones.


Officers are elected yearly for a one year term.  

Currently In Office:

President: Roger Morris

Vice President: Robert Womack

Secretary: Alvin Thomas

Treasurer: Brenda Jones


Elections are held at the Annual Meeting in January.

2023 BCA Board of Directors

Program Overview:

Feeder Calf Sale:  

On the first Monday in August BCA holds a Tel-o-Auction to sell load lots of area cattle.  Cattle are all double vaccinated, once after 4 months of age and then the second not more than 50 days, but no less than 14 days prior to the sale.

All calves are born between Sept. 1st and Dec. 31st and weaning is at a minimum of 45 days prior to sale.  Some calves may be born before Oct. 1st, however to be included in this sale they must fit a uniform load, otherwise they will be rejected.  They are sired only by sires that are shown to be average or above average in EPDs for that breed the year the bull was born.   A list of the bulls used by the producer is provided to the buyer including the name of the bull, the breed, the year born, and teh yearling weight EPD (If yearling EPDs are not available then the weaning weight EPDs are used).  Most animals are Gelbvieh, Angus, or a cross of the two, cattle color is not a requirement, but the majority are black.  All Producers are BQA certified to assure a quality product goes to the buyers.  All calves are VQA age and source verified.  They are weighed and graded and put into uniform truck loads to be auctioned off.

Heifer Guarantee:  If a buyer purchases a heifer that happnes to be bred and provides the BCA with a Veterinary certificate stating such, the producer agrees to refund $300 to the Association to be forwarded to the buyer.

Stag Guarantee:  If a buyer purchases a steer that turns out to be a stag the producer agrees to refund $100 to the Association to be forwarded to the buyer. In 2010 the Board of Directors met to discuss a plan to keep our members striving for the best, together.  We want to work together as a group to accomplish a common greater goal.  Therefore, the sale requirements have been altered slightly.  To review the requirements for the BCA Fall Feeder Calf sale, click here.

AI Program: 

This program started when the group wanted to breed heifers.  They put out bids to AI companies for a turnkey AI program based on 100 heifers.  The first year there were 250 heifers from 15 producers.  The interesting part is that they chose to use one bull.  Last mid December through mid January this group (23 producers) inseminated 1675 heifers using 2 bulls.  All the cows were synchronized and bred on time and the heifers placed on a CIDR Program, then bred over a three-day period by observing heats.  Clean up bulls are sons of the bull(s) of choice for that year.

Cows and heifers are then pregnancy checked by ultrasound once per year on a group basis.

Replacement Heifer Sale:  This sale occurs in April of each year.  All heifers go through the AI program and meet VAPAH program requirements.  They are Reproductive Tract Scored and Pelvic measured.  They are Brucellosis vaccinated and BVD-PI tested negative.  Heifers are ultrasounded pregnant and fetal sexed prior to the sale.  Heifers are guaranteed bred on sale day.  If they show heat within 30 days after the sale and you can provide a veterinary certificate stating such to the BCA, the consignor will refund 100% of the heifer's purchase price and take possession of the heifer, or the consignor will replace the heifer with another bred heifer per buyer's choice.

 Mineral Program: 

A mineral mix is formulated for our area and bid forms are send out to local feed mills.  Bids are collected and one mill is chosed on quality of product and price.  Once price is determined, order forms are sent out to all BCA members and collected.  An order is put in to the chosen mill and a local pick-up site is determined for a one day pick-up.

 Marketing Committee: 

The marketing committee consisting of three members appointed by the president has the right to reject any or all calves that do not meet the quality or health program set forth by the association.  The VDACS Livestock Grader and the Extension Agent shall be ex-offico members of this committee.

Vaccination Program: 

The BCA works with animal health companies to provide discounts to our members on vaccinations each year.  Please visit the vaccination/worming protocol and disease overview page of this website for more information on this program.

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