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2024 BCA Production Sale Videos


Benefits of buying Our Heifers


All Heifers:

  • Meet VA Premium Bred Heifer Program (VAPAH) requirements

  • Are Pelvic and Reproductive tract measured and scored

  • Bred through the AI program

  • Brucellosis vaccinated and BVD-PI tested negative

  • Ultrasounded Pregnant and fetal sexed prior to sale

Why ultrasound?

Ultrasound can more accurately diagnose pregnancy as well as make Reproductive Tract Scoring (RTS) and Fetal sexing possible. Ultrasound also gives producers an opportunity to diagnose the sex of the fetus, this can be accomplished between day 55 and 80 of gestation.  At approximately day 50 of gestation, male and female fetuses can be differentiated by the relative location of the genital tubercle and development of the genital swellings into the scrotum in male fetuses.  We do this to allow producers and potential buyers to choose who to retain or buy from these sales.

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