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About the BCA BEEF Hub:

Providing producers and consumers an opportunity for locally raised beef from the oldest Cattlemen's Association in Virginia

Locally grown and raised for health and performance... and now flavor!

Photo taken at Spring Hollow Farm Market

Our Story

The Buckingham Cattlemen's Association (BCA) has been working to serve beef producers in our area for over 25 years with innovative marketing avenues, bulk discounts on herd necessities, and improved genetics through their cooperative artificial Insemination program.  They have been improving those programs each year and have made great strides in improvements when they were able to open the BARN facility in 2014, the Buckingham Agricultural Resource Network.  With this new facility the BCA has increased it's wide range of benefits for local producers through programs and education.  It comes only naturally to build on such progress with a local beef program.  Through grants from the Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission and USDA, they were able to expand the BARN facility to include a BEEF hub.  Equipped with a large scale refrigerator and freezer and good working relationships with local USDA inspected processing facility, Seven Hills, the Beef Hub provides an opportunity for BCA members who participate in the genetic package known so well to the BCA to provide BCA beef to our community.  It also provides the opportunity for other producers in our area to take advantage of the relationship with processors to decrease expense related to processing, transportation, freezing, and temporarily storing local beef products.

Meet Our Farmers:

C.H. Morris & Sons, LLC

CHM Logo_edited.png

On the outskirts of the Appomattox-Buckingham State Forest, the Morris' have been raising cattle since 1965. Their operation is known nationwide for their genetics and production animals. They raise high quality purebred and commercial replacement heifers, expansive breeding age purebred and balancer bulls, and produce gallons of local honey. Owner and principal operator, Roger Morris, serves as the current president of the Buckingham Cattlemen's Association. C H Morris and Sons, LLC has consistently produced deep bodied, high growth cattle that can be depended on for their longevity and maternal traits.

Cottage Grove Farm

Cottage Grove logo_edited.png

Located in Cumberland County, Cottage Grove Farm is a family operation that strives for quality beef production. Transitioning from a poultry and beef operation, to strictly beef production has created new avenues of production for their farm. Owners, Terry and Carol Anne Seal enjoy spending sunny saturdays with their granddaughter, Emma Gray, exploring the farm and, of course, giving the cows a snack (or two)!

Our Clients:

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Spring Hollow Farmer's Market

Grow Your Vision

Educational resources for Producers and Consumers on finishing, grading, quality, and cuts...

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